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for a body in motion. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. he's only 13 years old but richard is already a seasoned inventor. now, he's from kenya where lions routinely attack and kill cattle on the farms at night. >> it's a pretty big problem but he's come up with a pretty amazing and innovative solution. he literally had a bright idea.
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he realized at the age of 11 that lions were afraid to come near his farm if someone was walking around with a flashlight. >> so he created a system of flashing l.e.d. bulbs on a pole facing outward rigged to a box with an old car battery powered by a solar panel. >> when the lights flash on and off, it actually tricks the lions to believing there's somebody around with a flashlight. >> i installed the internet two days ago in my home and since then we have never experienced any problems with lions. to protect -- to keep away predators, like hyenas and leopards and also the tools are being used to scare away elephants from people's farms. my big dream is to become an aircraft engineer. >> i think he's going to get there. >> yeah. >> he's well on his way. >> inventive. now, he presented his invention
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on tuesday at the t.e.d. conference, a nonprofit devoted to bringing solutions and ideas to the world. that will do it for me. thanks for watching "around the world". >> you know, you're solo tomorrow. >> you'll leave me all alone. i'll be lonely. >> you'll do okay. >> well, all right. see you next week. >> i'll see you monday. in less than 24 hours, the forced spending cuts go into place. will congress and the white house make a deal by the deadline? and we are now watching the markets. the dow hovering just below the last record high of 14,164. this is "cnn newsroom," i'm suzanne malveaux. seems just hours away from another financial crisis, potentially. talking about the forced
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spending cuts set to kick in tomorrow. cuts total $85 billion over the next seven months. we want to bring in ali velshi, jake tapper, who's the anchor of "lead" and chief washington correspondent. ali, for days, you and i, weeks even, we've been hearing dire scenarios from the obama administration. now the president, as of yesterday, seems to be softening his tone. here's what he said last night. >> this is not a cliff, but it is a tumble downward. you know, it's conceivable that in the first week, the first two weeks, first three weeks, first month, a lot of people may not notice the full impact of this sequester. >> okay, ali. what is it? is the sky falling or not? >> the sky's not falling. i think when we thought we had to have something done by a deadline, then proponents on both sides tell you about how serious things are. now i think it's pretty clear barring something unusual, and jake would know more about this
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than i would, unless something unusual happens we're going to hit the sequester and wake up saturday morning and nobody will feel any different. largely because when it comes to most of these cuts, most are in labor and staff, most of these workers need at least one month's notice before things start to happen. you'll definitely start to feel it in april. there's no argument it's going to have some neglecttive effect on the economy in the short term. the question is, will there be good effect in the long term? part of our problem is nothing gets done unless it's a crisis mode, your back is against the wall. everybody says it is and the minute we find out it's not a crisis -- we don't even do when there is a crisis so when there's not a crisis, why would anybody arrive at a deal? >> jake, why the change in tone from the white house here? is this a matter of looking at the polls here? is this a matter of recalculating the message here? clearly the president and many of his cabinet members were out for the last two weeks portraying a very dire situation. >> well, that's exactly right,
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suzanne. now what's going to happen is, there isn't going to be this tremendous catastrophe on friday morning or saturday morning. so, the president, i believe, feels as though he needs to set expectations accordingly, especially since there's been alarmist rhetoric in the previous weeks. he has credibility at stake here. if after all these dire warnings from his administration, people wake up and they don't feel the effect of the cuts, and as the president said, a lot of people won't feel them in the first few weeks, then people are going to start to wonder about whether or not all those warnings he was issuing were accurate. so, i think that's one of the reasons he's doing this. he's setting expectations lower than they've been set in the previous weeks. >> ali, i want to ask you this because we did hear from the president and we heard from a lot of different officials there. they were saying kids in headstart, they won't be able to go -- take their classes, people who have mental illnesses won't
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get their medications, the planes are going to be delayed, all of these things. is anybody, anybody going to feel these effects right away? like, starting tomorrow or over the weekend. anybody here? >> well, here's an interesting observation, suzanne. not everybody knows where they connect with the federal government, so you live in a place where there's a federal base or, like i where i am here in, you know, d.c., northern virginia, maryland, where you really feel the effect of the federal government because have you a business or someone with contracts with the government. where you don't feel it is in major cities where you don't realize they rely on transfer payments from the government, which will be cut. last year in 2012 we thought the economy was growing at a rate of 2.5%. now we find out it was growing at 0.1%. it's unclear 9 out of 10 people on the street will actually know that's the case. so, you could have a big swing in economic growth and unless it's affecting you, you won't know it. but there are definitely going to be people -- 750,000 jobs over the course of this thing
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may be lost as a result of it. so, you'll see it, you'll feel it. it just depends on how much of the rest of the economy is going fast enough to offset the damage. that is a big unknown right now. >> jake, quickly here, the point of the meeting tomorrow between the president and those in congress? >> to try to come up with solutions, $85 billion in deficit reduction, whether that's through spending cuts or tax increases or some combination of both. and i think the white house is hoping that the added pressure of meeting on the day the cuts start taking effect will force republicans to compromise. i don't necessarily think that's going to happen, though. >> all right. jake, ali, thank you very much. we'll be watching closely. the sky not going to fall tomorrow. bob woodward says a white house official threatened him over the forced cuts. >> they're not happy at all. some people said, look, we don't see eye to eye on this. they never really said, though -- afterwards they said
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this is factually wrong and it was said to me in an e-mail by a top -- >> what was said? >> it was said very clearly, you will regret doing this. >> who sent that e-mail to you? >> well, i'm not going to say. >> was it a senior person at the white house? >> a very senior person. >> according to "democrat aware," the situation, the top economic aide for the president, gene sperling, is the one who warned woodward that he would regret his reporting. the white house has responded saying no threat was intended as mr. woodward noted, the e-mail from the aide was sent to apologize for voices being raised in their previous conversation. the note suggested that mr. woodward would regret the observation he made regarding the sequester because that observation was inaccurate, nothing more. the white house says woodward responded to the e-mail in a friendly manner. well, history now in the making. we're watching this closely. the dow flirting with a new high, hovering below the last
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record high of, 14,164. we're now looking at 14,091. last record set october 9, 2007. alison kosik joining us. tell us what this means as we keep a close eye on this? >> reporter: it means investors are feeling optimistic. the way the market has been since beginning of january, it's been this moving freight train. a lot of investors, they vaebt been wanting to miss this train, especially since you look at the dow. it's up already 7% since the beginning of january. we're not even out of february yet. a lot of investors are saying, you know what, let's jump on this train before we miss it. so, that is really kind of creating the snow ball effect. it's creating this momentum. even if it doesn't seem justified. you look at the big economic report that came out today, gdp, economic growth from the last three months of last year, it was revised higher, but barely. you know, it's really nothing to celebrate. it went from negative 0.1% to positive 0.1%. that shows an economy barely growing. the good news about the gdp
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reading shows the private sector side of the economy was good because there was business investment. there was consumer spending. it hung in there. but you look at government spending, that's really what took a huge bite out of economic growth in the last three months. of 2012. and so, you know, it's just -- the gdp number is not enough to have an impact on the labor market. that's what you want to see. you want to see unemployment go down. and the only way -- or one big way many economists say you're going to see unemployment come down and you need to see gdp or economic growth grow 3% per year just to bring down unemployment 1%. remember, unemployment right now is sitting at 7.9%. suzanne? >> thank you. the parents of a transgender 6-year-old say a colorado schoolschoo school's discriminating against their child. she was born a boy and identifies as a girl and wants to use the girl's bathroom. first the school was okay with that and now they have had a
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change of heart. they say the school is breaking the law. >> i believe that the wording of the law is very solid and i believe they're in direct violation of it. they are, in fact, discriminating, which the law itself is called the antidiscrimination act. i know they state they have been accommodating. but what they're doing is discriminating. >> our jim spellman has more from denver. >> reporter: like many 6-year-old girls coy math this loves pig tails and prefers barbies over g.i. joes. she was born male but presents herself female. >> we noticed when she was 18 months old, as soon as she could express herself, she was really expressing that she was a girl. >> reporter: at her fountain, colorado, school she's been treated like a girl. until september she was allowed to use the girl's rest room. then the school changed course, requiring her to use boy's room, single user room for adults or
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bathroom in nurse's office. >> that wasn't a safe environment for her. that set up up for a lot of issues at school, bullying and harassment. >> reporter: the family pulled her from school and filed a civil rights complaint. attorneys for the school district in a letter say their decision takes into account not only coy but other students in the building, their parents and the future impact of boy with male genitals using a girl's bathroom would have as coy grew older. they said some parents and students would uncomfortable with continued use of the girl's rest room and that it would be far more sick logicald psycholo damaging. the family says the only damage is coy not living as her genuine self. >> she wasn't happy as a boy. when she was a girl, she blossomed and flourished and she was so happy. >> reporter: in a statement to cnn, the school district declined to comment further saying they'll let the process
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run its course. they have until mid-march to decide what to do. if the family's not happy with the outcome, they could sue. jim spellman, cnn, denver. here's what's coming up this hour. the u.s. spends $190 billion a year treat owing beesety related health conditions like diabetes. we'll hear why first lady michelle obama says we could spend less by investing more in our health. a college football star says nfl teams asked him if he likes girls. >> do you have a girlfriend? you married? you like girls? it was just kind of weird, but, you know, they would ask you with a straight face. it's pretty weird. weird experience all together. >> how these comments have kicked off an nfl investigation. actor clint eastwood, of course, making a splash at republican national convention. you remember that. now he's making another political move. this is "cnn newsroom" happening now.
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according to a person familiar with the document. next month the high court is actually going to hear arguments on challenges to prop 8, the voter-approved same-sex marriage ban in california, as well as doma, federal defense marriage act which says marriage is defined as between being with a man and a woman only. now, we're just days away fr from -- a day away, actually, from a huge government spending cuts taking effect. they're going to kick in at 11:59 tomorrow night if the president and republican lawmakers don't reach a deal to actually stop it. right now, house members are headed out the door. dana bash on capitol hill. dana, the house is leaving, is that right? they're heading home? >> reporter: the house is gone, suzanne. you know, if people are sort of questioning what time it really is, they're not wrong. they are looking at their watch seeing it's only 1:15 eastern. >> a little after lunchtime. >> reporter: a little after lunchtime. and the house this their first and only vote of the day before lunchtime. so, i went outside, as house members were leaving, talked to
10:18 am
several of them, republicans and democrats. but republicans, of course, run the house, so i want to give you a little sense of what some of them were saying about why they were leaving town as these cuts are going to be kicking in. this is your last vote of the day. is there concern you are going to leave town while these cuts kick in and you won't even be here? >> the speaker and the leadership will be here and i'm -- i'm a quick flight away. i go home every weekend and see my family. >> reporter: thanks, congressman. >> again, if they call me back, i'll be back. >> reporter: what do you think about the idea that congress and you all won't even be here when these cuts kick in? but it going home to your constituents, being home, not in washington, the day these cuts kick in, is that a good thing? >> well, i think it's actually better when we're homeworking because the work we do there, in my opinion, is more important than the work we do here, especially if we're going to keep spending money. >> reporter: do you think the cuts should kick in? >> i think it's the wrong way to cut. but what's worse than these
10:19 am
cutses is to not cut at all. >> reporter: now, the house speaker will, of course, be in town tomorrow, even though the house won't be effectively in session. he will be joining other leaders in both parties, both sides of congress to meet with the president to have a discussion. but, again, the anticipation is that that will be just a discussion that they won't get far enough to have any kind of real deal to stop these cuts from going into place because that will happen just hours later. >> i thought that was interesting that the last person you spoke with said, we'll get more done over there than in washington. you know, the job being in d.c. what about the senate, are they taking the same approach? >> reporter: they actually are going to be home. they won't be here tomorrow, the day these cuts kick in. but today there will be some action on the senate floor. i call it action because i don't think it's probably the best way to -- probably the best way to describe it because it won't be progress. what you're going to see are votes for senate democratic
10:20 am
bill, a senate republican bill, very different approaches. republicans are going to say in their legislation that the president should have flexibility in how these cuts go down, which of course we know the white house has rejected. democrats, their approach is what we've heard the president talk about time and time again, democrats as well, which would be to replace these forced cuts with about half tax increases, half other spending cuts. we expect neither of them to pass. they both need 60 votes. that is not going to happen. so probably what we're going to see is more along the lines of what they call around here, message bills. not anything that is going to go forward. and then they're going to leave town and we're not going to see them here tomorrow either. >> all right. dana, it will be a lonely place in washington for you tomorrow. we'll see how all this shakes out. dana, thank you very much. appreciate it. michelle obama, first lady, making a big push for physical education in schools today. we're going to explain how up next.
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we've been seeing an awful lot of first lady michelle obama. she appeared with big bird pushing nutrition and fitness, she showed off her dance moves with jimmy fallon and made a surprise visit to the oscars,
10:24 am
announcing the best picture award from the white house, and with a 70% approval rating, she is on a roll. today, she's touting her progress in her fight to end childhood obesity in an op-ed online edition of wall street journal. she writes, it's clear that we are moving in the right direction. but we also know that the problem is nowhere near being solved. i stand ready to work with business leaders who are serious about taking meaningful steps to forge a healthier future. just a short time ago, mrs. obama returned to her hometown chicago to push forward her physical fitness program. >> our kids spend about half their waking hours in school, but today due to budget cuts and limited resources, many schools simply can't afford the activities we all took for granted when we were growing up. and i know that with each passing year, it feels like it's just getting harder to find the time and the money and the will to help our kids be active.
10:25 am
but just because it's hard doesn't mean we shouldn't stop trying. >> later today, she is on dr. oz. listen to what she told him about how she deals with criticism. >> what i do worry about is not what it does to me, because as i said, i'm an adult. but i worry about when anybody makes comments about physical beauty, what does it do to our young girls? because they're hearing that and they're -- and that affects them. >> we'll talk more about the first lady's let's move campaign and fitness in the united states later with tv star fitness guru jillian michaels. plus, we'll also look at why women are doing less housework. and a college football player says nfl teams asked him if he likes girls. how it has kicked off an nfl investigation. with so much noise about health care... i tuned it all out.
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bradley manning took the stand today, pleaded guilty to 10 of the 22 charges he stole and shared classified military information. now, he's the army private charged with leaking sensitive videos and documents to the website wikileaks. the government calls it the most damaging leak in u.s. history. manning testified in court today for just the second time since his arrest back in 2010. he did not plead guilty to the biggest charge against him. that of aiding the enemy. that charge, if convicted, carries a life sentence. manning was serving as an intelligence analyst in iraq when he was arrested. now, his court-martial is scheduled to start in june. other u.s. military news now that's going to affect thousands and thousands of u.s. troops all over the world. it is going to be what happens tomorrow if those across-the-board forced spending cuts begin. huge part of the cuts will hit
10:30 am
military operations. what does it mean? it means planes won't fly. trains are going to suffer, troops will feel the tightening in every arm of the service. barbara starr is at the pentagon to break this down for us. do we believe this is going to be a very different situation for the military when we see these cuts start to take effect? >> that is what commanders say, the joint chiefs of staff say, suzanne. defense secretary chuck hagel, his second day on the job, and it may be tomorrow that may be the most defining for his tenure. in fact, hagel now set to meet tomorrow with the joint chiefs of staff in the tank here at the pentagon. that highly secure meeting room to talk about all of this. to get the full rundown on what it will mean for u.s. military readiness if these cuts, as expected, go into effect. $46 billion has to come out of defense spending by the end of september. we have a bit of a look-ahead at what to expect tomorrow. some of it, i think, people will
10:31 am
have expected the military to cut. things like, you know, the blue angels, the military aerial demonstration teams, some of the commercials for recruiting, congressional junkets on military aircraft that very rapidly it gets into what they believe is the meat of the u.s. military. the navy, the air force may have to begin to shut down, the navy as much as five navy air wings. the marines and the army cutting field training. that could mean troops already in afghanistan will see longer deployments and future deployments will be longer because there won't be the trained troops coming up behind them ready to go. and, perhaps, one of the ones that will -- one of the cuts that will really give you pause, at arlington national cemetery where the nation buries its war dead, that cemetery, the managers are already preparing for cutbacks in funerals, perhaps as many as 160 less
10:32 am
funerals every month for some of the elderly veterans passing away. those from world war ii and korea. they promise to keep going on those sadly who will be killed in action in the coming weeks and months, but the elderly veterans, their families may have to wait much longer for funerals to be scheduled at arlington. >> oh, that is just painful to even hear. barbara, thank you. really appreciate it. another story, nfl draft prospect says teams asked him if he likes girls. nick kasa it said happened during a recent scouting event when that's when would-be nfl players get a chance to show off their skills. >> they asked me, do you have a girlfriend? are you married? do you like girls? those kind of things. it was just kind of weird but, you know, they would ask you with a straight face. it's pretty weird, weird experience all together.
10:33 am
>> wenfl says it's investigatin the claim and released the statement that any team or employee that inquires about impermissible subjects or makes an employment decision based on such factors is subject to league discipline. want to bring in carlos diaz of cnn sports. tell us whether or not this is atypical and whether or not this is legal. >> it's not legal. >> not at all. >> any federal, local or state law says you cannot base employment on someone's sexual orientation. i can tell you in the nfl they signed a collective bargaining agreement with the players saying you cannot ask this in interviewing questions. during the combine we've had a lot of instances where teams will go that extra effort. dez bryant, a wide receiver for the dallas cowboys was asked a few years ago if his mom was a prostitute. these questions come up because the team is investing millions of dollars in these players and they want to know everything there is to know about them. by the way, nick has gone on the record and saying he's not gay, you know, so that's -- it took
10:34 am
him by surprise but they want to know everything. and you could say to yourself, well, they're asking the question not so much to ask are you gay but maybe to see how he's going to respond to that question. if he responds in anger or responds in any other way. but i think we're embarking on a point in football and in sports in general. >> sure. >> where we're going to have a gay athlete who's playing a sport at the time come out, because every athlete who comes out afterwards, after he's done playing, has said, i know of several athletes who are playing the game right now, whether it's football or baseball or basketball, who are gay. >> did they give a satisfactory answer as to why they asked him in the first place? >> it's not confirmed they asked. nick kasas said he was asked, he told that to a denver radio station, he's from colorado. the nfl says we're looking into this matter. we're on the player's side. we don't discriminate based on sexual orientation. so the nfl is investigating this right now.
10:35 am
but that's the thing. these questions are asked during the combine and it's each team's discretion whether they'll ask a certain question or not. >> carlos, what do you make of this? you cover this all the time. do you think there's a change of culture within football, within athletics when it comes to gay players sxbing open? >> here's the thing. we live in a society where homosexuality is more and more accepted every single day. you're talking about athlete who is are making millions of dollars and you're asking to put your career on the line to become, if you will, the jackie robinson of homosexuality, being the first athlete to come out. because no athlete of major sports has come out while playing that sport. have you people making all this money. do they want to put that on the line to represent something. i, in my own opinion, i think we are less than five years away from that happening. i think we'll see that in the next few years. and what i -- >> five years seems like a long time to me. i don't know. >> it's the culture of the nfl.
10:36 am
when you talk about, you know, we're here talking right now about a story about a team asking someone if they're gay. you know, i think that the nfl needle to come out and say, we -- we almost welcome it. please, come to us if you want to play for broncos, if you want to play for the niners, we welcome it. >> we have to leave it there. we'll talk about this time and sometime again, i'm sure. carlos, stand up with me. you have to sit and stand up here because we have a story we're going to tell you about that you need to get out of the chair. it's all for your health coming up next, carlos. >> not a good story for me. >> this is good for us. . plus, jillian michaels, superstar athlete, of course, and fitness guru is with us as well to tell us how we can stay slim for life. brand new smartphone. let's go. we've got a samsung galaxy sii on t-mobile monthly4g for only $299 with no annual contract. nice! [ earl ] see for yourself. get the samsung galaxy s ii on t-mobile's nationwide 4g network. walmart. [ tylenol bottle ] me too! and nasal co
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do you find yourself sitting most of the day at the office and sitting hours at -- hours by hours on the couch at home? not good for you, not because you're not exercising but
10:40 am
because a new study find even a tiny change can improve your health. elizabeth cohen and i are standing for this segment. >> and moving. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> what did they find? >> researchers in england put monitors on people and they could tell when they were exercising, when they were sitting, for how long they were sitting and they found people who moved the most had the best blood sugar numbers, the best cholesterol numbers. what was stunning about that is it wasn't just the people who took a walk or went on the treadmill or ran, it was even just people who stood up while they worked or sat for an hour and then got up for five minutes. so, sort of the bottom line of this is, just moving even a little bit helps. >> so, break up, you can break up the -- >> break it up. >> and that will actually help you. >> break up the standing. i have colleagues who have -- there they are -- who have set up their desks so they're standing. standing requires -- there's william hudson, my producer. hi, william. >> are they normally doing this
10:41 am
or gai-- >> all the time. he is at that computer much more so than at his sedentary -- >> and they're slim and trim. >> they are. there you go. because when you're standing, you're using muscles that you're not using when you're sitting. so, of course it's great to run. of course, it's great to bike. we should all do it. but even just those little things can make a difference. >> that's very good to know. now, house work, i don't know how much you and i are doing housework. there's a lot to be done. you have kids, of course. now, if you do less housework, right -- >> you know what -- >> -- you burn more calories. >> a study looked although 1965 and they found women were doing much more housework than today. 1965 women did 26 hours a week. in 2010 it's 13 hours a week. so, one of those big differences is that more women are working now, so they're sitting. and i don't want the story to come off as, come o ladies, let's just go back home and do housework.
10:42 am
i don't want to say that, but it is more exercise to do housework than to sit at a desk. and so even housework is doing something. you're up, you're down, you're folding laundry, unfolding the dishwasher, not sitting at a desk. >> just be active. >> do something. if you can, don't sit at a desk for too long. when you have a meeting with someone, do a walking meeting. set up your computer like william so you're standing up. >> maybe we'll stand. maybe we'll stand tomorrow. >> i actually feel more comfortable standing. i like it better. i'm not a big sitter. more energy. >> absolutely. good to see you. maintaining a healthy lifestyle important to all of us, of course, but something some schools are promoting as well. one school might have taken this a little too far. how kids were sent these so-called fat letters. i'm not kidding. up next. plus, jillian michaels joining us next to tell you how you can stay slim for life. i have low testosterone. there, i said it.
10:43 am
how did i know? well, i didn't really. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody... that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor. we discussed all the symptoms... then he gave me some blood tests. showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number -- not just me. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% (testosterone gel). the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy, increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor
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10:45 am
it is common for teachers to send letters home if a student misbehaves or gets poor grades, right? but now schools in north andover, massachusetts, they're letting parents know when they think the child is stoo fat. 10-year-old cameron watson's family received a letter indicating his body mass index was higher than it should be. the father says the second grader is not overweight. and now families are speaking out why these letters are a
10:46 am
complete waste. our affiliate hdh has the story. >> reporter: cameron watson isn't just a strong athlete. >> i wrestle, play football, i ride bikes, play basketball, baseball, mma. >> reporter: he's a tough fourth grader who didn't let a fat letter home get him down. >> i know i'm not obese so i didn't really care about the letter. i just crumpled it up. >> reporter: letter like this going to plenty of homes throughout the commonwealth. the department of health says 30% of our students have a body mass index showing they're obese and these letters are to be a helpful tool to parents. cameron's dad says they're a waste. they don't take into account muscle mass. >> no one wants to get a letter saying they're obese. we didn't see it fitting with our son. he's very active, very strong. >> reporter: while he continues to wrestle in elite clubs, his mom is working with state representatives to stop these
10:47 am
fat letters. >> i don't think all of a sudden we have to wake up and say, the people of massachusetts need to be told everything to do with their kids, whether it's, you know, to feed them a cupcake or to feed them broccoli. >> reporter: for cam says he has the self-esteem to overlook a label but he's more worried about his friends who might not be as strong. >> susan tran reporting. coming up, jillian michaels joining us life. her tips on staying slim for life. and how motherhood has changed the way she looks at weight loss. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. to travel whenever you want.
10:48 am
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10:50 am
jillian michaels takes no prisoners, kid you not, when she presses contestants on the popular "biggest loser" show to get in shape, she's pushing them to their limit, step up their game, and get in shape. now she's a new mom. she's got two kids and she is doing really well. also has a new book out called "slim for life" featuring her kinder and gentler approach, shall we say, to life and fitness. jillian's joining us from l.a. good to see you. just watched "biggest loser" a couple nights ago. it's one of my favorite shows here. so, people aspire to have your body, have your hair. what's different about this book? >> gosh, well, thank you for that. >> good to see you. >> here's really what's different is i became a mom and started to appreciate that maybe a lot of what i'd ask for in the
10:51 am
past was unrealistic. people are not going to -- well, you know, there's a utopian world where you can get to the gym five to six hours a week. and you can make all your meals at home and afford to eat all organic. that was my fantasy. and then i became a mom and realized, this is not happening and developed a deeper sense of empathy for all the ladies out there. and i wanted to give people a set of strategies they can easily apply in their life so they'll lose the weight, they can afford it, they can access it and they'll keep it off. and also to help them deal with diet dilemmas, cravings, hunger, finances, all of that. so, there's a solution for every problem. >> so, jillian, we're seeing these beautiful pictures of you and your daughter, adopted from haiti. i know you have a son as well. you and your and your partner. you write about sometimes you have to make the tough choices between spending time with your kids and working out. what do do you? >> honestly, i try to do both. so what i will try to do is say
10:52 am
okay, i will take my son and put him in a carrier and go to runnion canyon here in l.a. or in a bike seat and go for a bike ride on the beach. it's not a class and a 90 minute yoga class or it's the 30 minute exercise dvd while your toddler makes fun of you and crawls all over you. it's something and something is better than nothing. that's the key. to try to find the balance and understand yes, your life is difference and it's not ideal or perfect. by engaging in the simple steps, you can get healthy and you stay healthy. >> good to know. you are giving the rest of us a little bit of a break. a softer jillian michaels. you talk about diet as well. we are doing exercise and trying to get that in. the young moms and also diet. you say you are able to stoik an 1800 calorie a day diet. how do you do that?
10:53 am
>> for me personally, i have free food. i say anything green i can have an unlimited amount. if i'm going to have pizza for dinner, say 20% of the time i like to have whatever i want. i can have a huge salad and fill up on that and instead of wanting a half pizza or a whole pizza because i have been known to be able to do that, i have two pieces and i choose the thin crust and then you have that balance where you don't feel deprived but you are getting healthy at the same time and not overeating. >> it was that 80-20 rule. the last time we chatted, you didn't let me have fried chicken. does that work? >> here's what i say about that. i would prefer you modify that recipe and i would want you to coat the chicken with something healthier like maybe crushed nuts or do a healthier bread crumb. i would want you to bake it, but if you did the fried chicken,
10:54 am
that's going to be your dinner, but you don't get enormous quantities and you have to make better choices for the breakfast, lunch, and snack. it is about balance and finding the balance. >> fair enough. congratulations on finding balance in your and as mom and a fitness star and of course on biggest loser as well. always good to see you. we will aspire to try to be a more balanced life as well. thank you, jillian. when we come back, the newsroom continues with the special coverage of pope benedict xvi's retirement going into effect in a couple of minutes. we will be back tomorrow. it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide,
10:55 am
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10:57 am
that's right for you. >> it hasn't happened in 600 years, a pope will retire and the doors will close and the world will suddenly be without a leader for now. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is notice. we will take you inside the new home where benedict will spend the rest of his life. plus inside the secret talks over who will take his place. we will break down the front-runners. and the catholic church at a cross roads. what the next pope needs to do to win back believers. i'm brooke baldwin and i want to welcome viewers here in the united states and around the
10:58 am
world any moment history in the making. for the first time in six centuries, a pope will officially retire. give up his reign as leader of the catholic world. this comes hours after he left vatican city by helicopter, saluted his followers that one final time as pope. >> difference. i am happy to enjoy your sympathy. i give thanks for your friendship and for your affection. >> this is a different day for me than earlier days. i am no longer the pope.
10:59 am
but i am still in the church and i am just a pilgrim who is starting the last part of his pilgrimage on this earth. >> fast forward to now. take a look with me. live pictures of the summer residence. castel gandolfo. walk me through what we will see. >> he remains there and he wasn't right when he said he was no longer a pope. that was his speech from the window behind me. an hour or so ago he remains and you will be witnessing history. at that stage, the papal body guards for centuries will

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